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The Power of Habit - Cameron Porter #39

The Power of Habit

Why we do what we do in life and business
Charles Duhigg


I purchased Charles Duhigg‘s book immediately after my knee surgery (April 2015) with the intent understanding how I could use habits to maximize my efforts during the months of rehab that would follow. Unlike many readers, I did not seek to change my old ‘bad’ habits, but to dissect the formulation of habit so that I could create new ones. I have always had a sense that we have a finite amount of motivation we can expend throughout the day. I knew that I could not allow my rehab to consume all of my motivation as I had other activities, like school, that required some.  As I read The Power of Habit (2012) I realized that the execution of habit takes very little motivation, you are on autopilot (cue, routine, reward). The only part of habit that requires motivation is habit formation. I thus set out to create new habits around my painful rehab process. Forming these habits consumed all of my motivation for many weeks, but once I formed the habits they required zero motivation. I thus made a ‘motivation investment’ in my rehab habits. My rehab took little motivation by the second month meaning I was able to do more rehab more successfully than the trainers thought was possible. I returned from injury four months early. I firmly believe this technique of investing motivation in the creation of habit can be used in any aspect of life you choose, freeing your motivation for new and exciting things.

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