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The 3 Best Ways to Drink Coffee: Why, When, and How - Cameron Porter #39

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The 3 Best Ways to Drink Coffee: Why, When, and How


Why I Drink Coffee
Because I’m addicted to it. But actually. When I was in high school I used to tell people that coffee was a crutch that I didn’t need. Then college happened. My desire to be a scholarly social athlete meant that I could choose to either be a sleep deprived low functioning human or drink coffee. Naturally, I chose the latter.
I need eight hours of sleep, period. Coffee made me forget about those two hours I missed almost every night. Problem was, I was certain coffee was bad for me. How could this drug not have side effects. Health Hacking by Jessie Inchauspé came to the rescue.
Fears assuaged and out of college, I am now a proud coffee drinker who gets 8 hours of sleep.
When I Drink Coffee
I drink coffee three times a day and not without reason. There is method to my madness. I time my coffee intake when my cortisol levels are lowest. Low cortisol levels correspond to low alertness. If you drink coffee when your cortisol levels are high, you don’t get any bang for your alertness buck. Although there are certain cortisol patterns our bodies tend to follow, we are each unique (read more here). Here is what works for me:
It’s not a perfect science, but it works for me.
How I Drink Coffee
Black. Always. No cream. No sugar. The only reason for this is when I first started drinking the life elixir back in college, I was determined not to get addicted (ironic). With that in mind, I did not want my coffee to taste good. Funny thing is I developed a taste for (very) black coffee. Thank you classical conditioning. Now thats the only way I take it. How you drink coffee is more than just what you put in it, it’s how you make it. I make coffee three ways, with a Nespresso machine, Moka pot, or French press. The method I select depends on two factors, time and flavor. Time is the amount of preparation it takes to yield a cup of joe. Flavor for me is the deep muddy boldness of that cup of joe.
Nespresso Machine
This is my emergency caffeine injector. The machine is installed within arms reach of my bed. Check it out.
This thing can pump out a cup of joe in less than minute. Technology. However, it is best consumed while still in a daze as the flavor leaves much to be desired.
Moka Pot
If Goldilocks made coffee, she would use a Moka pot. For that reason, I tend to use the Moka pot most often. As fast as you can boil water on the stove, the Moka pot produces a quality cup. If you don’t have one of these, I would recommend changing that. They are about a tenth the price of a Nespresso machine.
French Press
I like coffee dark. I like coffee muddy. A French press lets me make the darkest muddiest coffee (well almost). It takes time though. Sometimes though you have to take some extra time to treat yourself. I am pretty sure thats why they invented Sundays. For Sundays and every other day for those fortunate individuals who find themselves with lots of spare time, do yourself a favor, use a French press.

I leave you with a T.S. Eliot quote that rings very true in my life.

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.

Happy living,

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Ha you made time for another Post. About time. just joking. I agree with you on that Moka Pot makes better espresso then some expensive machine. When I use the Moka Pot, I go with Lavazza – Qualita Oro (Italian) if you go with decaf , I use Café Vergnano – Decaffeinato (italian). I never saw anyone with an espresso machine in their bedroom. Then I have to say you are a serious coffee drinker. What brand you use when you use the Moka Pot method? I hope Florida training is going well at your end. In Montreal it is plus 6 C today. Last question, I always see you writing in your book. what kind of stuff you write if you want to share. Ciao Andre

February 1, 2016 (18:27) - Reply

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